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Cash Out Feature

What is the Cash Out feature?

Once a wager is placed, this feature allows you the option to 'Cash Out' for an adjusted payout before the conclusion of your straight wager, parlay, or future bet.

Cash out is available on all applicable moneyline bets, and also on point spread and totals that show the same original line. Plus, you can Cash Out your bet after the game has begun!

How Do I Cash Out My Bets?

Go to your account and view your pending wagers under 'My Bets'.

If your pending wager(s) qualifies, there will be a Cash Out button with the adjusted price next to it.

To cash your bet out, click the 'Cash Out' button.

You will be led to a confirmation screen outlining your Cash Out details.

Click 'Confirm' and your funds will be transferred to your account instantly.

Why Cash Out?

You may want to Cash Out because your side is looking so good that you would rather take a profit now, just in case something unlucky turns the tide for the opposing side.

You may also want to Cash Out because your side isn't looking so good, so you can get some of your wager back.

How is my Cash Out value calculated?

Cash Out value is calculated on the current value of the original wager. In the case of parlay bets, any results of legs that have finished are taken into account.

For more information on our Cash Out feature, please contact our 24/7 customer support team.